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Dental Crowns and Bridges

Benefits of Dental Crowns and Bridges at SmileWorks Dental Kensington

At SmileWorks Dental Kensington, we’re proud to bring you the transformative advantages of Dental Crowns and Bridges. Leveraging advanced CEREC technology, we deliver quality, same-day dental restorations to make your dental care journey seamless and efficient. Here are the compelling benefits you’ll enjoy with our dental crowns and bridges:
  1. Reclaim Your Bite: Dental crowns and bridges restore the aesthetics and strength of your teeth. Regain the full functionality of your bite, chew with ease, and converse confidently once more.
  3. Radiate with a Revitalised Smile: Our dental crowns and bridges don’t just repair. They beautify. Crafted to mimic the look and feel of natural teeth, they integrate flawlessly into your smile, enhancing your overall facial aesthetics.
  5. Built to Last: The durability of our crowns and bridges is second to none. With the right care and good oral hygiene practices, you can expect these restorations to serve you faithfully for many years, providing a long-term solution to dental damage.
  7. Experience Speed and Convenience: With our CEREC technology, you no longer need to endure multiple dental visits or wear temporary prosthetics. Our dental crowns and bridges can be custom-crafted and fitted in just a single visit, saving you precious time without compromising quality.
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Dental Crowns And Bridges Benefits - SmileWorks Dental Kensington

Why Choose SmileWorks Dental Kensington for Dental Crowns and Bridges

Selecting SmileWorks Dental Kensington for your dental crowns and bridges is choosing a superior dental experience. Here’s why we stand out:
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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Crowns And Bridges

On average, the dental crown or bridge procedure at SmileWorks Dental Kensington typically takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete.

The skilled and experienced staff at the clinic employ the latest CEREC technology to design and fabricate custom dental crowns and bridges that can replace missing or damaged tooth structures. This technology allows dental crowns or bridges to be created in one visit, eliminating multiple appointments.

Additionally, SmileWorks Dental Kensington also offers cosmetic dentistry services to enhance the look of one’s smile. All these dental services make the clinic an ideal destination for anyone looking for quick and effective dental treatment.

Utilising advanced CAD/CAM technology, CEREC offers a convenient and expedited process for creating ceramic restorations, such as crowns and bridges. CEREC allows dental professionals to create high-quality, artificial teeth in a single visit without needing multiple appointments or a temporary prosthesis. This makes the entire process of crowns and bridges much more convenient.

CEREC provides an efficient solution for dental crown services, dental bridges, dental implants, dental veneers, and other smile makeovers. Experienced dentists can use CEREC technology to deliver superior patient care and produce outstanding results.

The advantages of CEREC technology are numerous, including:

  • Reduced appointment times
  • Precise and accurate results
  • Minimal disruption to the patient’s lifestyle

CEREC technology is invaluable for experienced dentists to deliver exceptional care and superior patient results. It allows them to provide quality artificial teeth and smile makeovers with minimal disruption and time-saving efficiency.

Proper care of dental restoration, such as a crown or bridge, is essential for ensuring its longevity. To maintain the health of dental restoration, it is important to brush twice a day, floss once a day, and attend regular dental check-ups.

Additionally, one should avoid hard foods and habits like grinding, clenching, or chewing ice which can damage both the natural teeth and dental restoration. It is also essential to seek professional help if dental issues arise, such as a broken or misshapen tooth.

Oral hygiene is important for the longevity of the dental restoration, the adjacent teeth, and general oral health.

By combining treatments, the team at SmileWorks can provide a comprehensive treatment plan to maximise the health and longevity of your smile. Dental crowns and bridges offer an ideal solution for a weak tooth, restoring function and appearance.

The professional team at SmileWorks Dental Kensington can assess the condition of your teeth and provide a tailored treatment plan that may include procedures such as root canal treatment, depending on the patient’s needs.

With regular dental care and bridge cleaning, you can ensure your fixed solution will last for years.

Through CEREC technology, the colour of a dental crown or bridge can be shaded to blend in harmoniously with existing teeth, resulting in a naturally attractive outcome.

This revolutionary technology allows custom-fitting dental crowns and bridges to be created in-house within a single appointment, meaning that one can have a beautiful smile without waiting for days or weeks for a dental restoration. SmileWorks Dental Kensington’s highly experienced dental team uses this state-of-the-art technology to match your teeth perfectly.

Following the fitting of a dental restoration, we recommend regular check-ups to ensure its longevity and aesthetic appeal. At SmileWorks Dental Kensington, we suggest a follow-up appointment a couple of weeks after the fitting of the dental crown or bridge. This is to check that things are settling in properly and that the restoration appears aesthetically pleasing and fully functional.

After that, routine check-ups every six months are recommended to monitor the condition of the restoration. This allows us to address potential issues early before they become more invasive or require emergency dental attention.

In addition to crowns and bridges, SmileWorks Dental Kensington also provides custom-fitting dental crowns for crooked teeth, discoloured teeth, or as a complete tooth replacement. This ensures that dental restoration is aesthetically pleasing and effective as a tooth replacement.